My name is Ben Davis. I am a husband who is married to the most honorable woman I know. I am the father of 7 amazing children. I Pastor at a local church in our community and I’ve lived most of my life in this area. In 2022, I was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives. I care very deeply for our posterity. I am fighting for their future.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I have a deep commitment to serve and love the people of this nation.  In America, God determined the inherent power of government would rest in We the People.  Too many times politicians and bureaucrats walk all over the sacredness of We the People. I won’t have it!   


Our rights are God-given, not government given and therefore they cannot be taken away.  The government can never take away your right to freely speak your mind. The government can never take away your right to bear arms. And government becomes criminal when they infringe upon our God-given rights. 


As your representative I will work hard to be available for you.

I will advocate for those in the womb with compassion.

I will fight for medical freedom. 

I will stand for law and order.

I will be fiscally responsible with the People’s money.

I will never infringe upon your right to bear arms.

I will contend for your civil and religious liberty.

My name is Ben Davis. I am excited to be your representative for District 6A. 

Thank you and may God bless you!